From The Birthplace of Arabica Coffee


Dawi Coffee Plantation is a private limited company established in 2011 by Family members to produce and export coffee. One of the founders of the farm worked in Coffee Improvement Project (CIP) Financed by European Union for more than 10 years and has got broad experience about coffee plantation.  The farm is located in southwestern part of Ethiopia, Sheka Zone, Andracha Woreda about 600km from the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. GPS coordinate of the farm is 7.5715153 Latitude, 35.4157911 Longitude. The area is blessed with 1900-2200mm of annual rainfall distributed over nine to ten months, forest shielded, temperature ranging from 15⁰C (minimum) to 28⁰C (maximum) and the altitude ranging from 1700m to 2000m.

Dawi coffee Estate is UTZ certified and owns 276 hectares of developed Arabica coffee plantation. The plantation is well organized by experienced technical staffs to manage the sustainability of the farming techniques and equipped with different machineries to prepare high quality washed and dried coffee beans. Currently the farm produces from 120-130tons washed clean coffee beans and from 50-70tons sun dried coffee beans at an average per year and have been processed to export market. The Plantation exclusively employs hand picking of ripened cherries.



The Plantation exclusively employs hand picking of ripened cherries insuring that only the finest beans make it to the customer. It is also equipped with a modern processing facility located on site insuring that the fresh cherries are processed to the highest standards and in an environmentally friendly condition. The Company also plans to gradually increase the percentage of washed coffee from the current 80% of annual output. Then milling, further cleaning, sorting and grading takes place in Addis Ababa. Besides the washed coffee, due emphasis was given for the production of natural coffee.

The effluents from the washing stations are recycled while the pulp and husks are used as compost and fuel for artificial driers respectively.

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Worku Ado

Born in 1950, Graduated in Accounting, Worked in Michellcots company owned by British, Worked in coffee improvement project(CIP) Financed by European Union; Currently working as General Manager in Baro Pharmaceuticals Plc. He has a business experience of more than 35 years.

Azmara Addo

Azmara Addo

Canadian Citizen born in Ethiopia in 1967; Self employed lives in Calgary, Canada.
Address: 112 brightonston bay SE, Calagary, AB T2Z4B2
Telephone: +14036167315


Esegenet Zewdie

Canadian Citizen Born in Ethiopia in1976; Self employed lives in Calgary, Canada.
Address: 112 Brightonston bay SE, Calagary, AB T2Z4B2
Telephone: +14036156959


Zerihun Alemu

General Manger of Dawi Agro Industry, Born in 1976, Graduated from Addis Ababa University school of pharmacy, worked in pharmaceutical business for more than 18 years.